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UniversalChat.org by UniversalNet irc network is the new website that gives you the opportunity to chat quickly, easily and safely with users from all over the world !

Join our chat with one click, in complete safety and completely anonymous, you will meet ordinary people from all over the world who exchange views and ideas in harmony.


UniversalChat protects the security and privacy rights of all users.
There is no registration or subscription, no personal data are required. All private conversations are encrypted so no one can EVER see them. All IP addresses are masked when connecting by an algorithm that makes it unreadable to anyone and therefore makes it impossible to identify where users come from.
UniversalNet.org is a group of private individuals who without any profit , but dictated only by the passion for IRC chat, offer absolutely free many services including:
*Custom Hostname: All users will have the option to choose Hostname (what others will see instead of the real IP address.) IP will still be automatically masked from the start, but with random hostname.
*Nick registration: Option to register your own nick and have ownership and exclusivity over it.
*Chat Channel Registering: Universalnet offers the possibility for all users with username to create their own chat channel, and manage it autonomously. In addition there is the possibility to insert the chat channel on your website, through a simple html code that Universalnet will create on request. In this way you can invite your friends or customers to your site and stay in touch with them either for recreation or for work and provide live assistance to your customers.
Universalchat the new international free chat guarantees the anonymity of users
Still recalls that anonymity itself is no reason to abuse and behave disrespectfully towards other users or to make use of file exchange and sharing of pornographic or even worse pedo-pornographic content. Potential abuses will be reported to channel managers who will act accordingly. In serious cases, the Universalnet staff will report to the competent authorities the user that is guilty of reprehensible behaviour.
We also expect a collaboration from users so that divisive topics do not become an occasion for continuous controversy, in order to create a pleasant environment for everyone who enters the chat to relax by engaging in interesting civilized discussions.

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