January 18, 2017 - 13:23 by David Niki

How To Customize Universal For Your Site

As of February 7, 2017 Universal has improved it's UI and offers more tools to customize it. Read about it in the new post Changing Universal Chat's Looks

Universal can be greatly customized to fit your needs. This post will shed some light on some of these features and how you can make Universal look and act the way you want.

Currently, the Customize page looks like this:

Company Name

This is the name of your company. The company name is used to inform users which company they are contacting. At the time of this writing, this field is used when communicating with the Universal Facebook Messenger bot - it indicates to the users who they are contacting.


This allows you to change the default Universal icon and use something else. Please note that this is not the Operator image - it is the icon users press when they want to engage in chat.


If enabled, it will fade the page in the background so that more attention is drawn to the chat window. You may disable this, which is better if you want users to keep working on the chat simultaneously.

Full height

The chat window will expand and cover the entire left side of the screen if this feature is enabled, which is better to track the chat conversation. Disabling this will show a small window instead, which is better for seeing the page's contents

Screen position

Universal allows you to place the chat start icon anywhere you like!

By default, this icon appears on the bottom right of the screen, but you may drag the icon around in the box, which resembles your screen. The icon will be displayed in a similar position as your page is rendered.

You may track the position values below the "Screen position" label, and you can easily restore the position by pressing the "Reset" button.

How about operator images?

This feature is available, but not on this page. You must set those individually for each operator. Please refer to the Operators page to do that.

Final words

We are trying to make using Universal great and easy for everyone. We look forward to your feedback. Leave us a comment if you found this article useful or if you have something to share.