January 22, 2017 - 17:03 by David Niki

A Universal Communication on Telegram, Facebook, Skype, Slack or Web

Today, we released the Universal communication channel to Skype and Slack, bringing the channels covered to five (web, Telegram and Facebook Messenger are the others). What does this mean and what's in there for you?


The number of mobile users today is greater than the number of desktop users. We are in the mobile-first era, where studies show that users prefer mobile apps more than mobile websites. While this is a strong reason to have mobile apps for reaching out to potential (and existing) clients, there are various other reasons too that make apps better than mobile websites.

Mobile apps offer better personalization, bring the ease of sending notifications, make use of mobile device features, offer a great UI/UX and work faster than websites. No wonder users spend more time on apps.

Now what if you could leverage the same features on your website?

While developing Universal Chat, we faced the same problem. On a desktop, the chat window is placed neatly by the side of the screen, and the user (or the operator) opens it in need. But when it comes to the tiny display of the app, numerous parameters get involved:

  • the chat window covers too much area
  • the soft keyboard also occupies its part
  • the user experience is dropped due to the lower processing power of devices

To remedy this, Universal offers a unique solution; Chat from apps!

How does it work?

There are over 3 billion Facebook Messenger apps installed, and 1-5 million Telegram apps (according to Playstore). As such, it is pretty safe to assume every device has one of the two. Now, instead of requiring the user to install your app, you can just refer them to your Universal channel on Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

Universal accomplishes this with a process called deep linking, which allows it to send users to your channel by offering them your Universal Number. With one tap, the visitor can open their messenger apps and continue their conversation with you from those channels while enjoying all benefits of using an app instead of a website.

To this date, Universal is the only live chat service that allows visitors to use an app that's already installed on their phone to contact you while they visit your web pages.

Your users will use the app of their choice, and you will receive their messages on Telegram, where you can reply to them as well. And since Telegram supports a wide range of platforms - you can pretty much use any system you like!

There's More

Universal is entirely based on bot technology - we have bots for Telegram, Facebook messenger, Slack and Skype. The burden lies on the bots, which create a communication network that tie everything to your Telegram account (or groups, if you have set it up that way). This means that you only sign up with Universal once - and then everybody can call you with your Universal Number from any platform.

If you like to see all of this in action, sign up for the free forever plan today!

Would you like to see more channels added to Universal? Drop us a line in the comments below and we'll add it to our list :)