February 11, 2017 - 15:40 by David Niki

Making the Best Use of Universal Chat - Part 1

In this series we are showing the potentials Universal brings to your business and how to unlock them.

Setting up Multiple Communication Channels

Universal Chat allows you to chat with online visitors from your Telegram. When someone decides to chat with you, all communication is sent via the UniversalAgent1Bot you registered to during the setup.

But what if there are several users who want to chat with you at the same time?

Universal Chat - in Single Operator mode

When a user leaves your site, the channel is freed for other people to use. A single communication channel would therefore suffice. However, if another user tries to chat with you they would need to wait for the channel to be free first. Of course, Universal takes care of this and will immediately inform users when the channel is freed. But there is also a better way.

In the business plan, you have the ability to setup multiple channels. Each visitor would then get a separate channel to chat on, and you can respond to many clients simultaneously.

Universal Chat - in Multiple Operator mode

Doing this is simple; just register to more bots.

New: One-Click-Connection

You can now connect the bots with a single click!
Just login and press the "Get Your Code" button
Universal Chat - Easily connecting bots

When you start with Universal, you start by adding UniversalAgent1Bot to your Telegram account. To set up more channels, add the following bots:

  • UniversalAgent2Bot
  • UniversalAgent3Bot
  • UniversalAgent4Bot
  • UniversalAgent5Bot
  • UniversalAgent6Bot
  • UniversalAgent7Bot
  • UniversalAgent8Bot
  • UniversalAgent9Bot

Finally, it is highly recommended to add UniversalAgentBot to your Telegram. This bot will forward every message sent to you from users waiting in queue. If you notice something urgent, you can close other less important channels with the kick command (/k or /kick) so the channel is freed for them sooner.

Did You Know?

  • Every user registered in Universal has a Universal Number. With this number, your clients can call you from any platform; Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype or Slack. All they need to do is to add UniversalAgent1Bot to their favorite messenger app, and then issue //call with your number.
    You can find your Universal number on the Html Widget page. There are also shortcuts for Telegram and Facebook Messenger on the same page; just share the links and whoever clicks on them will automatically get connected to you!
  • You may leave messages for your visitors. At many times users could leave your site and you still have something to share with them. With Universal, you can just send your message to them, and the system will notify them whenever they get back. Universal will start pulsing, which drags the user's attention to open and read their messages.