February 13, 2017 - 21:11 by David Niki

Making the Best Use of Universal Chat - Part 2

Universal Chat is targeted primarily at webstores, or anyone who wants to sell products or services online. For these people every visit matters, and any visitor is a potential customer. Universal Chat helps you catch those visitors and make that conversion.

Universal can alert you whenever users visit your website, or whenever they visit specific pages. Universal also alerts you when someone stays more than one minute on your site.

The truth is that not every visitor is a client. Some visitors could even visit a website without having a clue of what it is, and some visitors are just exploring for the first time.

The trick is to set up a system that does not send too many alerts for users who are less likely to turn, while also not missing on the potential clients. Universal offers two tools to cope with the problem mentioned above.


Goal conversion tracking is one of the most efficient ways to measure and improve your business objectives. 

A Goal is your strategy and priority. It can entail many things: “Sold item”, “New customer”, “Downloaded brochure”, etc. What do you want your users to do on your website?

Conversion tracking is a great way to see if you are meeting your current business objectives, identify new objectives, view and analyze your performance, and learn how to increase your conversions, conversion rates, and revenue per visit. Goals can be triggered based on user actions (such as downloading or playing a video), or when the user visits a given page (e.g. checkout.html, thank-you-for-your-purchase.html).

Goal tracking is also very useful to measure performance of SEM Campaigns and their conversion rate, to the campaign and the keyword level.

Examples of Useful Goals

  • Product details page; when they visit certain products that have higher importance to you
  • Service pages; when a specific service page is opened
  • Page not found; put a goal on this page title and you can help users who could not find what they were looking for on your site
  • Contact us; track when users contact you for more information or help
  • Thank you page; when a user has completed a registration they are usually sent to these pages – this is a good way to keep track on them

You can setup goals from the Analytics menu. Choose Goal Overview to see how your goals are performing, and Manage Goals to define new goals or change the way they work.

To add a new goal, press the Add New Goal button.

A Goal is defined by:

  • Goal Name. The Goal name describes your business objective eg. "Signup", "View product demo", etc.
  • Goal Type and Goal Pattern. These define how the Goal can be converted: matching a URL, downloads a specific file or clicks on an external link.

This is the place you should enter the pages you want to track. You can specify a page URL or title to match.

Of course there is much more to goals, which you can read here.

Once you setup goals, Universal Chat will instantly notify you whenever a visitor hits those goals.

Auto Greetings

Whenever a user visits your site, you have an 8 second timespan to catch or lose them. Auto greetings are a great tool to handle this situation as they are sent immediately without your intervention. Furthermore, they can narrow the amount of alerts sent to you by taking care of the initial conversation, and only pass over the client to you when they have chosen to respond.


Auto greetings are off by default, and you have to enable them from the Settings page.

Setup this to fit your needs:

Enable Auto Greetings: Turn this on to enable automatic greeting messages.

Send Goal Alerts: By default the system will send you a notification every time a visitor fulfills a goal. Disable this turn those off. It can be helpful to turn this off while Auto greetings are on, to limit the alerts to visitors who have responded to the greetings

Simulate Operator is Typing: Checking this will show the messages to the client line by line, with an "Operator is typing" message in between making it look as if a real person is typing. Some visitors might not reply to you if they feel they are chatting with a bot; this setting will make the chat look more natural


Greetings are messages sent to users when they fulfill a specific goal. You can define one or many greetings for each goal, which will make the system choose one randomly.

If you do not specify a greeting, the system will send that greeting when the user stays more than one minute on your site.

Greetings can be added from the Add Greeting menu. If Enable Auto Greetings is on, you can put  your message on several lines and the system would send each line separately.

For instance, if your greeting is “Hi! Welcome to my website” you can type it like this:


Welcome to

my website

The system would then send each of those messages to the client with a delay, effectively simulating as if a real person was typing those sentences.

Did You Know?

  • You can setup Universal for Ecommerce, enabling you to track what products the users have in their cart in real-time, and identify the best performing products and categories. Read about it here.
  • Adding several greetings will make the messages unique for each visitor, increasing their reply rate
  • Adding greetings tailored to specific products where you mention that product increases response rates. E.g. if the user is on a page where you sell hats, you can greet them with "Hi! Do you need help finding a suitable hat?"