April 23, 2017 - 16:28 by David Niki

What you get when you have a chatbot

TL DR: chatbots can add the following to your website:

  1. Understand and respond to customer queries (correctly in 80% of the time)
  2. Always present on your site
  3. Offer fast responses - before the client leaves
  4. Offer instantly offer links and rich material
  5. Free up your time and lower your operator costs
  6. Let you engage only when it is necessary
  7. Universal Chat allows you to instantly jump into the conversation

Live Chat - Enhanced

Adding live chat support to websites is a trend that clearly takes your site to the next level of customer engagement and satisfaction, since it provides a fast mechanism for visitors to get what they need instead of browsing your site. The only obstacle was for small businesses who could not afford to have operators watching over the site 24/7.

Universal Chat traditionally solved this issue by not requiring users to attend their site at all; any chat messages are directly pushed to the Telegram app on the users phone. Now, we are taking this feature one step further by introducing the First Response bot.

About Bot

First Response is a Machine Learning-backed agent that can be trained to handle your client's queries. You simply add the questions users might have, and the responses the bot should provide - AI will take care of the rest of matching incoming queries with the provided answers. All conversations are instantly pushed to your Telegram account, so you can easily follow up the conversation and jump in when required. And when you do, the bot will gracefully step away, allowing you to follow up the conversation.

In case the bot does not understand a query, the system stores the question as a ticket. By answering those tickets, the bot will grow more intelligent over time, and can take better care of your clients. We have also incorporated a "Call operator" button, which lets users call you directly and bypass the chatbot.

The Universal Chat Touch

As you see, this model gives you best of both worlds:

  • You have a chatbot that takes care of incoming visitors
  • The chatbot can answer the body of queries you would get
  • For the remaining part, you can instantly step in and continue the discussion
  • All of this from your mobile phone, without leaving Telegram

And all of this for free during the trial business plan period.

Its easy to get started - register in Universal Chat, install it on your website, then go train your bot!