January 12, 2017 - 07:16 by Joshua Matis

Live Chatting with Universal

For all of you who have a site and want live interaction (live chat) with your customers.

If you have a site and want to have live chat with your visitors - your potential customers - and guide them toward your goal, Universal is for you. Our product meets all your requirements and offers your customers Facebook Messenger and Telegram platforms to use for their chat, and Piwik analytics to keep track of your visitors for better understanding. You can try the Free Plan right away and experience the benefits of our product. To get even better services and multiple channels, upgrade to the Business Plan

Definitely you can't sit in front of your laptop and keep track of your website traffic and communicate with your visitors all the time. There are times you need to leave your PC, or there are times you're stuck in traffic jam, waiting for an appointment, or on the way in metro. In that case, how can you hook yourself to your visitors and solve their problems?

Why another live-chat?

While there are bunch of live chat systems out there, this solution allows you to follow your visitors via your mobile phone through Telegram Messenger, which is known for its security and speed. You can feel your website in your pocket! Also, we are allowing your visitors to continue their chat via their Telegram or Facebook accounts without requiring you to switch between them – they chat on Facebook and you can reply from Telegram.

Marketing benefits

"When we started developing Universal, we were aiming at creating a very efficient tool for getting true value from our website. Once you can engage with the visitors directly, there are no more missed opportunities", developer David Niki said.

"When you get a great branding service, you will know that if your client's don't make a purchase it is not about your branding or marketing - it's about your product. You will know where to focus and what to do to increase the sales."

Get started!

Universal is easily installed thanks to Telegram. With a couple of clicks you can connect to the Universal bot and setup the live chat widget on your site, and get started with the Free Plan

To get the Business Plan, you can upgrade from your panel.

Try it today!