Frequently Asked Questions

Operators are individual Telegram accounts. Typically, each of your team members has a separate Telegram account. The business plan allows you to share your chat management with up to 9 operators.

Every communication to your visitors requires a communication channel - that is what allows you to distinguish them. If five users try to communicate with you, then you would need 5 different channels to respoond to each of them.

Universal automatically manages the channels for you, and frees channels as soon as a user leaves the website. If a channel is booked, Universal will seamlessly switch to a new channel and let you work with that user on Telegram. If all channels are occupied, the user will receive a notice about it, and is put on hold until a channel is freed. When that is done, the waiting user is automatically sent to the freed channel.

Universal allows you to setup analytics goals to track the success of your website. Whenever a customer visits a page, Universal will match the visit to your defined criteria and will alert you if any of those are met. Alerts are sent under the following conditions:

  1. The user is not already chatting with you - there is no point sending alerts in that case
  2. At least one free channel exists. "Suggestions" are sent in one of your free channels, and allow you to choose which alerts to respond to.

If you rarely have online visitors willing to chat with you, then the Free Plan which offers you a single channel should suffice for you. This would mean though, that whenever you are chatting with someone, the next person who wants to chat for you has to wait for you to get finished, and also no alerts are sent during that period.

To offer several communication channels to your visitors and always have an eye on your site's analytics, upgrade to the Business Plan.

The Business Plan is also the better choice if you want to have several operators working on your site, or if you need the chatbot. Read more about the benefits of a chatbot here

No! You can have 9 groups with your current five operators and there is no problem with that.

Just create a new group, add all operators to it, and add UniversalAgent6Bot to the sixth group. Then create a new group with all operators, and add UniversalAgent7Bot to it etc.

So, if we name your operators Alice, Bart, Charlie, David and Eric, then the groups will look like this:

  • Group 6: Alice, Bart, Charlie, David and Eric, UniversalAgent6Bot
  • Group 7: Alice, Bart, Charlie, David and Eric, UniversalAgent7Bot
  • Group 8: Alice, Bart, Charlie, David and Eric, UniversalAgent8Bot
  • Group 9: Alice, Bart, Charlie, David and Eric, UniversalAgent9Bot

As you see, the number of groups is not limited to the number of operators. You could also have only two operators but 9 groups, (eg. you, your friend and one of the Universal bots)

There are two places you setup pictures:

  • For the icon below the page, you can upload a picture from the "Customize" page
  • For the icon inside the chat, you must change the operator picture from the Operators page

This system is allowing you to set different names and pictures for each operator.

This is not a requirement and you can use a generic picture and name for all operators in case you want to remain anonymous.

However, it is adviced to use real names and pictures as it will create a better user experience and customers will trust you more.

Universal has a proactive chat feature that allows you to engage with your visitors. To start a chat session one of the following must happen:

  • either users are online and they call you, in which case you are immediately notified and you can talk to them; or
  • you can proactively call the visitors when an action is triggered for them. You can define these triggers in the panel, under the section "Goals".

When you receive a trigger, the system will show you two options: Profile and Call Visitor

  1. Profile is used to see the vistors profile - where they are from, how they found you, what pages they visited etc.
  2. Call Visitor engages you with the customer - at that point you can talk to them.

The system is designed this way so you can choose who you talk to, and who you don't. Note that if you don't define any triggers, the system will still alert you when a user "Stays more than 1 minute" on your website.

To manage the triggers, login to your panel and visit the Manage Goals section. On that section you can specify triggers on important pages so that Universal will alert you when any visitors land on those addresses.

Universal accepts all phone numbers that Telegram accepts and there should be no complications. Of course, you must be registered in our system for this to work.

If you are registered and you still face issues, just make sure of the following:

  • Use your Telegram number for registering the operator. The operator number should not be different than the number you use for Telegram
  • When registering your phone, please use the "Share my phone" button. You don't need to type it in!