Getting Started

Universal requires no installation. It is based on Telegram's Bot API - all you need to do is connect to the bot.

See how that is done below.

Fee live chat service for website


Install Telegram if you haven't already - otherwise, skip to the next section.
Install any of the following depending on how you like to work:

Mobile: Get the apps
On PC: Download Telegram Desktop
On the Web: Go to Telegram Web

Note that you can use all Telegram applications at the same time too!

Setup Instructions

To start using Universal Chat, you must add our bot to your Telegram account. Please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Open your preferred Telegram application
  2. Search for UniversalAgent1Bot. When found, tap on it.
    Telegram Live Chat service
  3. The first page will look like this - pay attention to the "Start" button at the bottom.
    Telegram based live chat service for free
  4. Tap the "Start" button. The bot will ask for your phone number - please share it.

    Step 1: Bot is asking for phone number. Press the "Share my Phone number" button
    Try Universal Chat for free

    Step 2: Telegram asks you for confirmation. Please confirm
    Free-chat with your website visitors

    Step 3: Your account has been registered!
    welcome to telegram based live chat service

  5. Once you have done that, open your operator in your account to get your Html Livechat widget code for your website!